This year’s Vintage Fashion Expo had a glossy feel in its new location downtown at The Reef , 1933 Broadway.  More space to shop in, a nice coffee bar and seating area and a dressing room all gave it an upscale feel.

Something for everyone, of course, from a Gaultier psychedelic print caftan at a bargain $300, to beaded Victorian jackets (the one I chose is a real stunner at $180 has a 3 part back peplum to accommodate a bustle)  Susie Londoner of Vintazia featured her new retro contemporary line of challis bloomers with matching tops and dresses.  This line is aptly called  “What Would Susie Wear?” , the question we less than 6 feet of dancer’s legs and ponytail often ask ourselves.  I bought some cute Betsey Johnson embroidered shoes from Susie, a perfect match to the bloomers.

Jewelry designer as I am, with a strong Asian influence in my work, I had to visit Connie Parente and Katherine Manzini’s collection of exquisite antique Chinese pieces.  I did get some lovely pieces to incorporate into my designs from Katherine, then it was All About ME and some kingfisher earrings at Connie’s where Suzi found a wonderful whiskey amber ring.

The usual plethora of delicate negligees and slips form the 30’s were in evidence , a bit out of season for our fall shopping list, I tried to try on a couple of flapper dresses but could not get them over my shoulders-MUST have been the long sleeve t-shirt I had on underneath….

Some things that got away  – a fabulous kilim rug from the Caucuses for $3800,  intricate patchworked Seminole Indian skirts that Suzi lusted after in the $700 and above range. Suzi also said goodbye to a mauve sheared coat light as a feather but too small-otherwise almost  a no-brainer for $450.  It broke my heart to leave behind a silver prayer box necklace with its broken  coral strings which I could have fixed so easily but at $700 I had to leave it with Connie Parente

So here we are pictured in some of our haul – I in my Victorian beaded jacket and gold painted & sequined skirt and Suzi in her thrift shop and Rose Bowl flea finds accented with a beret with her Mom’s 1940’s Tiffany brooch.

We shopped til they turned off the lights sand threw us out with the vendors but the show continued on Sunday October 19 for more nostalgia and second hand designer theme.


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