The daughter of a tailor and a costume designer Tziporah Salamon was born into the world of fashion. This legacy has given her a sense of style that is both unique and playful which she shares in her ART of DRESSING seminars.

You may recognize her as one of the women Ari Seth Cohen features in his book and documentary ADVANCED STYLE in which she is famous for her zany hats and bicycle riding in the streets of New York City.

One of Tziporah’s fashion hallmarks is her joyful combination of different patterns so it is no surprise that the French Impressionist painter Matisse, whose paintings vibrate with colorful patterns and details, is her inspiration. After lengthy and careful study of his paintings in her youth she remarked – “Matisse has turned my eyes into diamonds.”

Using design principles of color, texture, proportion and silhouette she assembled a variety of different looks in her animated presentation and gave us some guidelines to follow
“Know your body” (hers is petite and boyish so she prefers pants)
“Always buy quality over quantity” (especially for the classic pieces that are the base for layering)
“Vintage gives you more for your money” (her favorite LA vintage store is Golyester)
“Don’t scrimp on shoes” (she prefers feminine styles that are easy to wear – she showed kitten heels, espadrilles and 40’s style platforms)
“Pay attention to details” (make it pleasing to the eye)
“Don’t wear obvious labels or logos” (especially the double C earrings)
“Always shop the end of season sales for best prices”
and our FAVORITE
“When adding accessories always go up a notch – go where you are comfortable and then add one more” (be brave and challenge yourself)

Here are a few of the looks that she put together for us and some variations of those.
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