Here we are on our way to the Textile Museum Associates meeting and program about Lampung Textiles and then thrift store shopping!! Yes, we dress like this all the time! And we found some great stuff at the thrift stores! See Treasure Hunts!

Gretchen is wearing a skirt and a necklace from the Miao tribe in China, a necklace of silver beads from Yemen strung with amber, Tibetan earrings, Chinese embroidered flats and a jacket made by Suzi from an Indonesian ikat trimmed with a Turkish scarf

Suzi is wearing a vest and hat she made from Uzbeki suzanis, the hat also has an Uzbek tassel, Berber inspired necklace made by Gretchen with another Berber inspired necklace by Patrice Viles, Berber bracelets, Moroccan coin belt, Moroccan embroidered leather shoes, Tibetan earrings by Gail Goldin

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