We were taking a break from fruitful thrift & vintage store shopping on Fairfax in Little Ethiopia. Resting outside Hansen’s Cakes we observed with great delight as a vision emerged from Hansen’s – a young woman in polka dots with blazing pink hair and more body art and piercings than there were cupcakes in the bakery.  This fabulous creature admired the way we were dressed (Ethnic Fantasy with hats and lots of jewelry).  We admired her own impeccable sense of style and chatted with her about our mutually favorite subject, Adornment, in all its gloriously different manifestations.

Her tattoos were inspired by H.R. Giger and the one that goes all the way down her spine is a symbol that gives the message – “No one will ever walk all over my back again” – she got this tattoo after her recent divorce. We loved her whole look – the vintage polka dot dress, her piercings, her tattoos ( and they were exquisitely done) and her pink hair that matched her stockings.

Appropriate to her love of style –  she is a cake decorater for Hansen’s and has her own etsy shop -The Apronista- showing cute aprons and corsets that she makes. Her name is Gina Faye.

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