Our dear friend, TAMARA  HILL, who introduced us to each other years ago is a jewelry designer and professional photographer who has had a varied career as a teacher and lecturer, art critic, curator of costume and textile exhibitions, collector of handicrafts and folk art and author of three published books and many magazine articles (including the one in Ornament about Suzi).

Her one of a kind jewelry designs have been featured at the Asian Art Museum Store in San Francisco, the Rubin Museum of Tibetan Art in New York, and at fine galleries in San Francisco, Carmel and Santa Fe.  For more about Tamara’s many accomplishments and to see her wonderful designs click here.  She is also one of the featured artists on the Inspired Luxe website here

In this section we focus on Tamara’s incredible collections in her wonderful 1895-built Queen Anne style Victorian home which she has spent 30 years restoring.

She calls her entire house one big art-and-display/collage box/project inspired by Joseph Cornell and other collage artists. As a Taurus she has always been acquisitive of many small objects – even as a child she was fascinated by shells, minerals, beads and buttons, which she collected. Antiques were also a fascination, as well as symbols and motifs in hand woven textiles and jewelry from many ethnic and tribal cultures. Certain patterns have drawn her to study and focus – mandalas, spiral or circular forms, checkerboards, stepped motifs and all kinds of iridescence, especially that seen in butterflies and shells.

Some of her many treasures include an authentic Louis Comfort Tiffany-made small purple glass vase, a large pale blue Amazonian Morpho butterfly that she was inspired to put under a glass dome when she saw a similar one at the Hudson River School artist Frederick Church’s home, a Victorian inlaid game table, a Kashmiri paisley shawl that was a bequest from the collection of a dear friend, a lacquer and cloisonné enamel coffee table from the estate of comedian Jack Benny, Mamounia style kilim rugs from Afghanistan , a Tibetan silk temple ceiling canopy, Venetian millefiore glass lamps, Kina shell crescent pectoral ornaments from Papua, New Guinea; and a rare beaded dowry/wedding box from Sumatra.

Look at the photos below and see which ones you can spot. Click on each photo to enlarge then click the back button to see the selection again.

This is an ongoing series of Creating an Artful Life -creative people and their collections.  Also see recent posts on The Creative Couple -Barbara and Wayne Chapman, Audrey Stein-the Passionate Traveler and The Antique Artistry of Kathleen Caid (in the March 2015 archives)


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