In the the recent American Craft Magazine we found some good style advice.

American Craft Council’s Baltimore show has a program they call STYLE SLAM in which they “pair professional local stylists with the talented network of ACC artists making fashion wearables, accessories and jewelry.” (I wish they had that when I did the ACC show!)

Here are some the quotes we like.
“Don’t follow trends. Create them”
says Alisha Barnes of Closet Fashionistas

“Think of your closet as your dream boutique, curated with only favorites. That way you’ll want to shop your closet.”
says Carol Ellis Thompson of Shop Your Closet

“Style is a powerful tool to help you put your best foot forward. Invest in those quality pieces where fit and fabric matter.”
from Marisa Gonzales of DC Style Factory

“Keep it simple. Add your twist, then own it with confidence.”
Mary Ellen Theresa Stout Feeley of Mets & Company

“Know that its OK to not know what your style is.”
Aspen Sofia Fairchild of
(Yes, everyone has to start somewhere!)

“Remember the secret of threes: Adding a great third pieces to any neutral top and bottom really pulls together an outfit.”
from Lori Wynne of Fashion With Flair
(that can be a good start!)

“With confidence, you will have won before you have even started.”
Nicole Moreland of Arior Zoe

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