We were in PEOPLE magazine

We were in PEOPLE magazine


We were featured in People Magazine’s Gorgeous at Any Age special Beauty and Style issue.  The article was about our darling, Ari Seth Cohen, and his blog Advanced Style, a phenomenally popular site which celebrates the magnificent, creative style of women over 50.  Like us!

Ari also has a book out with terrific photos of his subjects in all their glory.  Advanced Style is the name, what else.  And his new documentary, Advanced Style, features several of his most colorful subjects in NYC. and their daily lives.

We attended his premiere screening in LA with Lynn, the feathered and featured owner of Off Broadway boutique in NYC.

See us below, at the premiere.

Advanced Style Movie Premier




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  1. Love, love , love what you magnificent ladies are doing. Your designs are luscious, inspiring and super alive. Looking at your designs is uplifting and fun. Now – this website. Thank you for your wonderful spirited approach to life and design.