Continuing our series The Look Book Style File we are welcoming the New Year with a glance toward ROMANCE.



Romance is my cup of tea.

This first look is a medley of lavenders and a lot of Krista Larson, one of my favorite romantic-look designers.  Here I’m wearing a Krista Larson long ruffled slip dress in a silky claret.  Over that is a shorter ruched Krista slip in maroon-wine color and then a sheer gauze Krista jacket in a delicate taupe-lavender color.   The style here is in the layering of silk and gauze of different lengths. I’m always on the lookout on eBay for Krista Larson garments where a surprising number of little gems show up at much cheaper prices.

The shoes are old glories from times past, mules in lavender silk with fur trim and dangerously high heels. The hat is a confection from Louise Green, pale blue stiff stuff with flowers, all made with a milliner’s secret touches.

My jewelry is my own, chosen to complement the long drapey shape of my outfit.  I’ve made a long loop of semi-precious stones like amethyst, green garnets, chrysoprase and rose crystal, and another long necklace of small rubies with a little pendant on the bottom.  Lavender pearl earrings finish the look.





White is a perfect base for a romantic look, especially white with lace.  A ruffled silk skirt over lacy stockings and white lace-up boots is the start here and then a lace overblouse and lacy vest  to invoke the magic of Romance.  Add a wide brimmed floppy straw hat with a cluster of springtime flowers pinned to it and you’ll find yourself  ready for a Garden Party of unusual guests – small people with fluttery wings and cats that talk.

The skirt is a longtime personal garment that I wear all the time, and the lace tops came from Forever 21.  White lace-up boots are a little harder to find, but fabulous for the Romantic silhouette.

Again the jewelry is my own, a mass of white pearls in different shapes and sizes with the glorious white pearl earrings, my own design too.  How it helps to be able to make some of your own magical things!

I am now dressed in lacy springtime white, and ready join Titanea, Queen of the Faeries for high tea in a Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Ready for marvels of romance and spells and magic rings.  I just need a unicorn by my side.




Although I usually do not dress in this style I can do it with jewel tones (forget pastels and off white for me – even my wedding dress was purple shibori dye silk chiffon – midi length in 1970).

I started with a jacket that is embroidered in Afghanistan which I bought in the 80’s -I added the vintage button clasp and mohair trim recently.

It is layered over a tiered ruffle linen Kenzo skirt that I bought at the Rose Bowl Flea Market for $20.  And an Elie Tahari satin blouse from a thrift store.

The hat is a wonderful creation by my friend Pattie Farber – Petroushka label.  The lace-up dusty pink boots are Betsey Johnson.

Necklace is vintage 1920’s Czech glass bought at a Vintage Expo and earrings from a Junior League thrift store in Longview, Texas that gets the Neiman-Marcus end of year discards.  Bracelets are beaded by Mayan women in Guatemala and I bought them there from them.  Eyeglasses by L.A. Eyeworks.

Embroidered Floral Jacket



Looking like I am going to a Victorian funeral but definitely romantic I am wearing a fabulous pleated coat by Mashiah Arrivee.

I  bought it in New York when we were both  showing at the Atelier Designers show about 8 years ago and remember walking down the street wearing it and getting some great compliments.  New Yorkers love black!!  The hat is from my dear neighbor Mrs. Larkin who is now very elderly and in assisted living so her daughter was selling her hats.  She was a grand church lady with great style and this is one of her dramatic hats  by Charo.  Lace up suede shoes by Kenneth Cole.

Suzi in Romantic Black


Send us your photos and tell show you put your look together and we will post it on POWER OF ADORNMENT!


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