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I love color, pattern and composition. A central treasure or color theme is usually the starting point for any design I create. From this seed, I grow a necklace.

So much of my childhood was spent traveling to exotic places that I naturally choose some ethnic or antique element as a starting point. A jade carving or a sari fragment will be added to, bit by bit, as the design – the composition – flowers around it.

My eye revels in pattern, my creative intuition flares as the organizational area of my brain lights up too. When I am in this blissful Design Mode I won’t stop till a creation has materialized on my worktable. I mix pearls with more pearls in ombre rainbows, Afghani men’s tribal ornaments with chunky kyanite, rare red Mediterranean coral with deep red pearls. For my Silk Road line of textile jewelry, I combine patterns with solid colors and textures, mindful that a tiny repeat pattern can serve as a “solid” color” when mixed with a larger scale pattern. I embellish these featherweight silken necklaces with Japanese obi brocade and jade carvings or small Chinese silver locks.

My Adornment philosophy that more is never enough is the keynote of my over-the-top statement necklaces. I dress this way too. Unlike Coco Chanel who decreed that before leaving the house fully dressed, a woman should remove one item. More often you than not, will find me running back into the house, car keys in hand, to add another necklace to the three I’m already wearing.