When we heard Elizabeth McGee, the  young, celebrated Laguna Beach painter, was to be honored at a major Fine Art event we were thrilled for her. When we heard she had nothing to wear – she’s a jean and T-shirt girl – we were also thrilled because Gretchen had something for her to wear! She had just done a major overhaul of her overstuffed closet.
We had the idea of not just dressing her for the event but doing a Power of Adornment makeover with all those great clothes, and Elizabeth was enthusiastic. We sorted through bags of loot- basic black came first – a great cocktail dress and a stretch wool turtleneck dress, basic black pumps. We found some things to layer over those blacks – a really beautiful mauve filmy jacket and coordinating scarf – breathtaking – a fairy tale queen. Now with one of Gretchen’s necklaces she was dressed for the big Art event.
For a casual wardrobe now we added jackets and skirts over the black turtleneck neck dress and and showed her how to power these up in layers by adorning herself with a scarf or two, hats, crazy socks and some of Gretchen’s outrageous jewelry.
A great time was had by all, Elizabeth has a new makeover wardrobe and fancy outfit, and Gretchen has fewer bags extra clothes. Whose next?????

Elizabeth McGhee is a native of southern California, from a family of artists from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and Scotland, as well as the local Laguna Beach art scene.  She graduated from Laguna College of Art and Design in 2009  and has been an exhibitor at the Festival of Arts/ Pageant of the Masters since 2010. Some of her signature portraits & toy paintings are shown below. A comprehensive collection of her works can be viewed at www.elizabethmcghee.com




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