Seven Degrees Gallery in Laguna Beach recently presented Malaysian designer Edric Ong‘s fashions and textile art pieces

Working with the traditional artists of Sarawak in the area of textiles, basketry, fibers, ceramics, wood and stone, the creative teams of Edric Ong and his local associates have been pioneering new designs for his EO label.  Inspired by Malaysian and Sarawakian ethnic crafts, these works center on eco-textiles hand made from from silk, cotton and other natural fibers using natural dyes.

This unique couture of Edric Ong combines a touch of the ethnic and orient with the creative use of hand-woven silks and cottons.  The colors of his fabrics come from the earth: natural tones derived from the rainforest, yet the chic, contemporary garments are comfortable and stylish to wear. Everything is hand-made: from the batik block-printed designs to the bark cloth and rattan buttons from the jungles of Borneo.

A noted speaker at International conferences, he has set up the World Eco-Fiber and Textile (WEFT) Network to further the cause of natural fibers and dyes. Edric travels extensively to promote his Malaysian craft artists’ work as well as his own elegant designs.



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