by Tamara Hill

In early April I had the honor and pleasure of visiting Coreen, a friend and jewelry designer colleague who had recently relocated from Northern California to her dream home in Santa Fe.  With twice the amount of space than she’d had in her darling (but more compact) hillside California home, she has been able to spread out and more fully display her amazing collection of folk art, paintings, textiles, embroidered costumes, colorful pillows, wearable adornments and glassware, all in a more expansive and totally exuberant manner.  In every corner you can truly feel her distinct delight about inhabiting this new home, with her enthusiastic passion and joy for arranging these charming objects and accoutrements.  They all reflect the versatility and fanciful imagination that she also exhibits in her jewelry designs.

Inspired by her own heritage, Coreen embraces the vibrant colors and textures of Mexican and Latin American culture – painting several of the walls in unabashedly bold and dazzling bright hues, such as sunburst orange and hot pink —  yet while carefully infusing a sense of order into the densely packed, altar-lilke placements of various groupings, which are composed of painted folk figures, sculpted animals, Day of the Dead shrines and skulls, dolls, and other ethnic art treasures.  Only her sleeping area is kept a pure white overall in order to maintain a feeling of peaceful calm and quiet.

Light-filled views open towards several airy outdoor patio areas, and a large garden marked by two small ponds with flowing water “features” bring the outside in.

Take a look at these images and share in Coreen’s happy environment. ”

And to see more of her work go to http://www.coreencordova.com

This  article and photos were written and taken by our friend and fellow artist/collector Tamara Hill .  Tamara truly believes in living The Artful Life and you can see photos of her own great collection (click onThe Artful Life in the headings and scroll down – it is the one after Artful Collections. )  






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