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In the the recent American Craft Magazine we found some good style advice.

American Craft Council’s Baltimore show has a program they call STYLE SLAM in which they “pair professional local stylists with the talented network of ACC artists making fashion wearables, accessories and jewelry.” (I wish they had that when I did the ACC show!)

Here are some the quotes we like.
“Don’t follow trends. Create them”
says Alisha Barnes of Closet Fashionistas

“Think of your closet as your dream boutique, curated with only favorites. That way you’ll want to shop your closet.”
says Carol Ellis Thompson of Shop Your Closet

“Style is a powerful tool to help you put your best foot forward. Invest in those quality pieces where fit and fabric matter.”
from Marisa Gonzales of DC Style Factory

“Keep it simple. Add your twist, then own it with confidence.”
Mary Ellen Theresa Stout Feeley of Mets & Company

“Know that its OK to not know what your style is.”
Aspen Sofia Fairchild of
(Yes, everyone has to start somewhere!)

“Remember the secret of threes: Adding a great third pieces to any neutral top and bottom really pulls together an outfit.”
from Lori Wynne of Fashion With Flair
(that can be a good start!)

“With confidence, you will have won before you have even started.”
Nicole Moreland of Arior Zoe

The Look Book Style File – TRIBAL

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The POWER OF ADORNMENT introduces a new series we call the LOOK BOOK STYLE FILE

We will take a certain style & look and show you how we interpret it.

We will give you style tips to show how we created it and suggestions on how you can too!

Then we ask YOU to send in photos with your take on it!

Our first look  is TRIBAL – taking authentic ethnic tribal clothing and mixing it with other things in our closet for a modern expression.

Here is how we see it in several variations! Now send us YOURS and tell us how you made it work!!

(our next look w ill be ROMANTIC for you tender hearted fashionistas – ruffles and lace, oh my! – coming in 2-3 weeks,  then several new ones after that)


For my first one I chose an authentic Turkmen caftan I bought from collector, Cheri Hunter, the program chair of Textile Museum Associates of Southern California.  I put it over classic black top and leggings.  Then I added one of my hat designs made from Uzbeki suzani and tassels to carry out the Central Asia theme.  The Kuna Prints boots are made from molas (made by the Kuna Indians on San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama) They coordinate color wise and are also tribal.  The jewelry is a Turkmen and carnelian necklace made by Gretchen with carries out the Turkmen theme and a Tibetan Coral necklace by Amy Khan Russell which repeats the color scheme.  Also Moroccan bracelets, Afghani ring, turquoise rings by Tzipora Hoynik and earrings by Gail Goldin.  All the jewelry has antiqued silver mixed with color.  Finally the eyeglasses LA Eyeworks add one more touch of red.

So using the principals of color harmony and repeated theme as well as proportion of a long coat with a lace-up boot make this a successful look.

Turkmen coat

The second variation is a little more feminine by incorporating an authentic silk ikat Uzbeki caftan, bought from Sheila Ellis of Samarkand in Santa Fe, over an embroidered silk chiffon dress by Bila from the 80’s.  Also embroidered suzani boots from Turkey in the same burgundy color of the dress and caftan.  The hat is also made in Central Asia – felted wool and silk by 7 Sisters from Kyrgystan bought at the Santa Fe Folk Art Market.  Earrings by Sally Bass, necklace by Gretchen Schields (we collaborated on the design based on an authentic Berber necklace) and a Moroccan leather and coin belt bought at Tienda Ho and turquoise Navajo ring and Afghani ring complete the look.  LA Eyeworks glasses frames to go with the burgundy color scheme.

So by repeating the colors and the theme and again the proportion of long length with lace up heeled boots makes the look work.

Ikat Caftan

The final tribal look is an authentic Pakistani tribal dress of cotton embroidery with metal embellishment bought from a collector member of the same textile group mentioned before.  I am wearing it over black leggings and with my Justin snakeskin and leather boots I bought in Texas in the 80’s.  The black and red color scheme is repeated here.  For drama and contrast I added a Navajo Squash Blossom silver and turquoise necklace bought on ebay coordinated with my turquoise color Sally Bass earrings and turquoise and silver ring .  The scarf tied around my head is an Indian silk black and metallic silver borrowed from Gretchen repeating the black and silver of the dress.

Again, repeating similar colors, adding a contrast color for drama and proportionally pairing a mid calf length drew with tall boots and mixing different tribes – Pakistani & Navajo makes the statement I want.

Affghani Dress




You can create the Tribal look wearing things you may already own.  Start with a simple white shirt – I am wearing a slightly fitted white shirt by Kenneth Cole –  and a big scarf, tied like a sarong-style skirt.  To do this, take your scarf, put yourself in the middle of it and pull it lengthwise around your bottom. Grab the ends of the fabric to fit across your rear.  Now holding those folds of fabric, (not just the ends of the scarf, but a gathered handful, including the ends,) tie a knot.  With a little pulling and adjusting you can create a wonderful, graceful skirt.  Here, I am wearing an antique ikat silk weaving from Edric One, a designer who promotes Indonesian arts and handicrafts. Underneath, Danskin black leggings and tall boots. My boots are over 30 years old, treasured footwear bought at the original I Magnin store in San Franciso.  Add lots of big jewelry like you see on my Gallery page on this website – I am wearing 3 neckalces, big earrings, lots of bracelets & rings – the more the better!  I have on an Indian silver silver disk necklace, a Tibetan necklace inlaid with coral and turquoise ( from my favorite trader, Tibetan Arts) and an antique Chinese tobacco pouch that I’ve hung on a long thick silver chain.  The big round earrings come from a secret little African shop in NYC we discovered tucked behind an antique shop,   a truly serendipitous discovery!   Just be sure your jewelry is large and as ethnic as you can find and now you have created a simple Tribal look

The sarong with its burgundy tones echos the coral in the Tibetan necklace, as well as the warm cordovan leather of the boots.  Adding CONTRAST FOR DRAMA, The bright white shirt is the basic contrast for the colors of the outfit.  Try wearing a lacy black camisole under the shirt and unbuttoning it a bit for extra, sexy contrast!

I am a stickler about PROPORTION.  For those of you who know the proportions of the Golden Mean and without getting into the square root of 5 divided by…etc. it is approximately 1/3 to 2/3 .  You will recognize this in my upcoming outfits.  It is a good rule to follow. Here, I’ve used a hem length sarong scarf, and with the brown boots, and that color block is about 2/3 the length of the white shirt. This shows a small top of the boots and no one area of the outfit is overwhelming.





If you already have a fabulous ethnic garment like this Turkmen Coat from one of my Afghani traveling dealers – or a beautiful Japanese Kimono, a Chinese Dragon Robe or an African djellaba, then you are pretty much home free!

Accent your beautiful garment by un-accenting it: present yourself as a blank canvas to show off the drama.  Plain all-over black is the most useful: a plain black T shirt or turtleneck, black leggings – here, my trusty Danskin  brand, and black boots.  You can experiment with the length of the boots, but to highlight the ethnic coat or garment you are wearing, keep them the same color as you leggings.

COLOR HARMONY is provided by the amber necklaces  from my personal collection.  The short one is my own design with its silver Yemeni beads; the others filtered into my hands from Russia, Grandma, thrift shops and my African importer from Mali. With plain black as the background-underground, anything you wear on top sets your color basoc.  Here, the cool green-greys of the Turkman coat with its stamped silver and Turkman medallions, metal fringe and overall cool tones is set off best with the warm tones of the amber necklaces.  Balanced areas of warm and cool tones create the contrast for this simple outfit, and provide CONTRAST FOR DRAMA.

PROPORTION: Once again, I mention the Golden Mean (1/3 to 2/3) with the long length of the coat being about 2/3 the length of the whole body, the black boots being about 1/3 the length of the coat.  And the amber necklaces are about 1/3 the length of the coat.  Seeing these proportions in successful outfits becomes easier the more you look for it and try it yourself and it soon becomes second nature because indeed, these proportions are a Naturally occurring constant.   Ultimately, Golden Mean proportions are arrangements that are appealing to the eye:  the Parthenon, the Pyramids, the great art of the Renaissance and you, when you get the hang of it!  There are some informational links about this proportion if you care to Google it.  One site will give you more information than you want (they all do) is

A COORDINATED THEME theme here is simply the one amazing garment you want to show off.  We aren’t trying to do a lot of accessorizing because it could easily become cluttered, so we opt for just a basic black body wearing an ethnic work of art and lots of jewelry.


tribalg-in-metal-coat-front    g-in-metal-coat-side


Chinatown Fashion Week

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In October Gretchen and I participated in Chinatown Fashion Week in San Francisco – the press preview -which was one of many fashion events produced by our friend Monique Zhang – a real style and fashion expert in the San Francisco fashion world!

Here are a few photos of fashionable friends and people we observed at the event.

Tziporah Salamon’s Art of Dressing

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The daughter of a tailor and a costume designer Tziporah Salamon was born into the world of fashion. This legacy has given her a sense of style that is both unique and playful which she shares in her ART of DRESSING seminars.

You may recognize her as one of the women Ari Seth Cohen features in his book and documentary ADVANCED STYLE in which she is famous for her zany hats and bicycle riding in the streets of New York City.

One of Tziporah’s fashion hallmarks is her joyful combination of different patterns so it is no surprise that the French Impressionist painter Matisse, whose paintings vibrate with colorful patterns and details, is her inspiration. After lengthy and careful study of his paintings in her youth she remarked – “Matisse has turned my eyes into diamonds.”

Using design principles of color, texture, proportion and silhouette she assembled a variety of different looks in her animated presentation and gave us some guidelines to follow
“Know your body” (hers is petite and boyish so she prefers pants)
“Always buy quality over quantity” (especially for the classic pieces that are the base for layering)
“Vintage gives you more for your money” (her favorite LA vintage store is Golyester)
“Don’t scrimp on shoes” (she prefers feminine styles that are easy to wear – she showed kitten heels, espadrilles and 40’s style platforms)
“Pay attention to details” (make it pleasing to the eye)
“Don’t wear obvious labels or logos” (especially the double C earrings)
“Always shop the end of season sales for best prices”
and our FAVORITE
“When adding accessories always go up a notch – go where you are comfortable and then add one more” (be brave and challenge yourself)

Here are a few of the looks that she put together for us and some variations of those.
(for more go to

The Look – On the Street -Tattoo Therapy

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We were taking a break from fruitful thrift & vintage store shopping on Fairfax in Little Ethiopia. Resting outside Hansen’s Cakes we observed with great delight as a vision emerged from Hansen’s – a young woman in polka dots with blazing pink hair and more body art and piercings than there were cupcakes in the bakery.  This fabulous creature admired the way we were dressed (Ethnic Fantasy with hats and lots of jewelry).  We admired her own impeccable sense of style and chatted with her about our mutually favorite subject, Adornment, in all its gloriously different manifestations.

Her tattoos were inspired by H.R. Giger and the one that goes all the way down her spine is a symbol that gives the message – “No one will ever walk all over my back again” – she got this tattoo after her recent divorce. We loved her whole look – the vintage polka dot dress, her piercings, her tattoos ( and they were exquisitely done) and her pink hair that matched her stockings.

Appropriate to her love of style –  she is a cake decorater for Hansen’s and has her own etsy shop -The Apronista- showing cute aprons and corsets that she makes. Her name is Gina Faye.

Ethnic Fashion in CHINA

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On my recent textile tour of China which was focused on the Guizhou and Yunnan regions, home to more than half of China’s 56 ethnic groups , I saw many women, especially the older ones, weaving, embroidering, dyeing and embellishing as well as still wearing their unique costumes. The type of adornment identifies which of the groups they belong to. Here are some of the more interesting things I found there.

Tribal Treasures

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Here we are on our way to the Textile Museum Associates meeting and program about Lampung Textiles and then thrift store shopping!! Yes, we dress like this all the time! And we found some great stuff at the thrift stores! See Treasure Hunts!

Gretchen is wearing a skirt and a necklace from the Miao tribe in China, a necklace of silver beads from Yemen strung with amber, Tibetan earrings, Chinese embroidered flats and a jacket made by Suzi from an Indonesian ikat trimmed with a Turkish scarf

Suzi is wearing a vest and hat she made from Uzbeki suzanis, the hat also has an Uzbek tassel, Berber inspired necklace made by Gretchen with another Berber inspired necklace by Patrice Viles, Berber bracelets, Moroccan coin belt, Moroccan embroidered leather shoes, Tibetan earrings by Gail Goldin

Black & White with Red Accents

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  • Mary Novie is a powerfully petite fashion industry executive whose favorites are Black & White & Red
  • This favorite jacket is a STELLA McCARTNEY children’s size 14 which she had slightly altered in the arms by a tailor to fit her perfectly
  • This is her favorite because of the great military styling, cropped length and mostly because it was given to her by her favorite fashionista friend whose  memory makes the jacket even more special to Mary
  • Accented by industrial chic earrings by a Columbian artist
  • The final touch is Mary’s signature RED glasses

Exotic Luxe

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Gretchen couldn’t wait to dress up in her new jacket made especially for her by Suzi Click.  Purple and green seem to radiate from the Balinese iridescent ikat which Suzi bought on her recent trip to Bali.  The jacket is trimmed with Turkish metallic and  fringed cotton, vintage sari border and Vietnamese embroidery on the back

  • Worn with a Balinese silk ikat  scarf
  • Floral whimsy by Gretchen for that romantic feminine touch
  • Purple suede and leather vintage boots from VINTAZIA
  • Purple velvet dress with artfully added horizontal tucks
  • Dragon Chinese shawl floor lamp by KATHLEEN CAID ANTIQUE ARTISTRY

Gypsy Style

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  • The skirt is an authentic gypsy skirt I bought in Romania!I am wearing it with my new Frida Jacket made from a hand dyed indigo, appliqué and woven Hmong skirt that I took apart with cotton ikat with & an embroidery of Frida Kahlo on the back
  • Lace-up boots made from molas from a company called Kuna Prints.
  • 2 necklaces, both Berber Moroccan style – the longest one is made by Gretchen and the shorter one is Patrice Viles.
  • Earrings are Maio tribe Chinese silver
  • Scarf wrap is from Guatemala

Hat Tricks

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Take a simple hat of your own and transform it into a powerful adornment by wrapping a scarf around the crown and letting the ends hang loose – you might even add a hat pin or a flower.


You can change your hat a hundred different ways to make it a versatile accessory  Coordinate the colors of your tops and your hat scarf, or your handbag and your hat scarf and your outfit is glamorously enhanced.

Thinking Pink!

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Suzi was going to a Textile Museum Associates Meeting about the LACMA ( show –Kimono for a Modern Age -with a talk by the curator Sharon Takeda. (look in reviews)

She choose her pink vintage kimono and paired it with Flax pants, pink silk and felted scarf she bought in Konya, Turkey, hat of her own design and a necklace by Marilyn Harrison made of netsuke (keeping with the Japanese theme), Peking glass beads and bone carved beads.  Bone bracelets and earrings by Sally Bass complete the look.

WEAR your KIMONOS ARTFULLY with lots of accessories!


Mixing 1920’s with Ethnic

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Black & White Turkish Block print.  Dress bought in Tokat, Turkey in Yazmacilik textile factory where they have been making these block prints since the 7th century. perfect over tights with black & white & silver accessories

In Suzi’s travels to Tokat, Turkey she found this block print dress in the Yazmicilk factory. They have been making these prints since the 7th century.

We  liked the long straight silhouette and enhanced that 1920’s look with a long necklace of ceramic beads connected with wire that Suzi found in Rome.

We layered the dress over basic black leggings – this is a good way to lengthen the slimming silhouette.

Suzi continued the black and white theme with hand painted wooden bracelets and black cotton print Indian scarf wrapped around her head.

The big silver earrings added another ethnic element to the 20’s look.

The turquoise eyeglass frames added a spot of color.

Creating a fairy tale look

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We were inspired by the romantic  look of designer Krista Larson.  Gretchen already owned a few pieces so we looked her up on Ebay and collected  layers of ruffles for a fairy tale look.

It might take you a few weeks to put a whole look together.  But be patient –  new things come up all the time.

We hand decorated the shoes with little roses – you can too!  We made these using twirled silk ribbon -use a glue gun to attach the  flower to your shoes.

Gretchen’s delicate jade necklace with Chinese silver lock completes the look.

the Magic Dog is optional!


Matching Fashion to Art

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Forest And Ocean Gallery in Laguna Beach where Gretchen sells her jewelry had an exhibit of abstract, aerial photographs by  Tom Lamb  Wanting to highlight the colors in the photographs, Gretchen created a look echoing those earth tones with Krista Larson layers.


Gretchen accented it with her necklace of big turquoise beads and an antique Tibetan ornament, a bright contrast to the russet tones of her dress that showed her necklace to great advantage.  She then slipped into her own hand decorated dark red patterned shoes.


Draw color and texture cues from your environment – a gallery show, a garden, a restaurant – even your office.  Stand out from those surroundings with differing colors, or go with the tones of the place and contrast that with your accessories.  Jewelry, handbags, hair bands or scarves all  make you THE work of art.


Vintage 1939

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The iconic Union Station in Los Angeles celebrated it’s 75th anniversary this year and we decide to celebrate with it, by visiting the railway station and wearing the look from that era.

Spanish Mission style, peaceful garden patios with Moorish tiles and bubbling fountains, lavish leather chairs inside for awaiting your train.

Union Station is a work of vintage Early California architecture .

Well worth a trip!!


Suzi is wearing a silk gabardine Lady Scott jacket with a fox collar given to her by her Aunt Eva White. The dress is a rayon crepe sheath with horizontal band trim. All are from the 40’s. Shoes are suede lace 40’s inspired by Kenneth Cole. Resin amber bead necklace by Tamara Hll, ring by Kia jewels


An asymmetrical straw bonnet with ruched ribbon and feather trim is Gretchens’s choice for celebrating Union Station’s late 1930’s look. She wears it with a jet-trimmed wool jacket and palazzo pants. Her necklace is vintage hand painted wood beads worn by a customer for which she traded one of her own necklaces during a show