I was flipping through my AARP magazine and did  double take as one of my necklaces flashed by.   There it was in  an article by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, “The Boomer List, Boomers at 50”.  In one of his stunning photos  he has portrayed  my friend Amy Tan in a carved Chinese serpentine piece I did for her years ago.  A boomer like me, and probably you, Amy’s elegance and talent is ageless, her contribution to literature remarkable.

Boomer Article AARP small 2

Greenfield-Sanders article, book, documentary film,  interviews and photo exhibit of 19 notable personalities offer insights into what motivated and inspired our generation.  The photos are on exhibit now at the Newseum in Washington DC.

One response to “Boomers in Gretchen Schields’ Necklace”

  1. suzi click says:

    what issue of AARP is that? I want to know who the others are. That’s a stunning necklace on Amy!